Union Cemetery

Easton, Connecticut

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Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery, which dates back to the 1700s, is at the intersection of Sport Hill Road (Route 59) and Stepney Road (Route 136) in Easton, Connecticut. It is, according to ghost hunter Lorraine Warren, the most haunted cemetery in the country. Local authorities forbid anyone from entering the premises at night without a permit, and Mrs. Warren cautions against the worldy and supernatural dangers of visiting the cemetery at night and alone.

Union Cemetery is "home" to the famed White Lady, the most famous of several apparitions that haunt the area. No one knows the White Lady's identity, but she has been seen walking Stepney Road between Union Cemetery and Stepney Cemetery at night, appearing in a white, old-fashioned nightgown or dress. Some people claim to have run her over as she stands in the middle of the street, only to discover that no one is there and no damage has been done to their vehicles.

There are dozens of stories associated with the cemetery. And hundreds of (night-time) photos have been taken showing apparitions, ghost globules, psychic energy and other phenomena (if you believe). I have included a few of my own at the bottom of this page.

Photos were taken 19 October 2008.

War memorial

A memorial in front of Union Cemetery: "1914 - 1919 Easton Remembers the Great War."

The plaque lists 34 names - "These Served," and Marsten E. Banks, "The Fallen".

(Apparently Easton does not remember that well; WWI was 1914 - 1918.)

Old section

A view of the old part of the cemetery, closer to Easton Baptist Church.


"Here lyes buried the body of Mr. Ebenezer Hubbell who departed this life March the 6th 1761, in ye (the) 74th year of his age."

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"In memory of Mrs. Sarah Hubbell wife of Mr. Ebenezer Hubbell who died May 20th 1788 in the 93d year of her age.

An age which few Survive."


"Here lyes buried the body of Mr. Ephraim Selye who departed this life June the 28th 1763, in ye (the) 29th year of his age."

Lacey space saver Lion

"Here lyes the body of Mr. Edward Lacey who departed this life June ye (the) 18th 1772, in ye (the) 61st year of his age."

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"Here lyes the body of Mr. Nathaniel Lion who departed this life June the 29th 1773, in ye (the) 63rd year of his age."

Bennitt space saver DeForest

"In memory of Mr. Isaac Bennitt (?) who departed this life Dec.r 10th AD 1791, in the 82d year."

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"In memory of Mr. Nehemiah De Forest who died Dec.r 9th 1801 this life in the 58th year of his age.

The wise, the just, the pious, and the brave

Live in their deaths, and flourish from the grave;

Grain hid in earth repays the peasants care,

And ev'ning suns set but to rise more fair."

Union Cemetery

A view from the old part of the cemetery, looking toward Sport Hill Road.


Front: "David S. Edwards / Died in New Orleans, LA / July 19, 1863 / Aged 34 yrs"

Below this inscription it says "1882"

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Back: "John Edwards, died April 19, 1888, Aged 86 years

Polly, wife of John Edwards, died February 9 1898, Aged 36 years

Polly, wife of John Edwards, died June 9, 1882, Aged 84 years"

Union Cemetery

A view from the newer part of the cemetery, facing Easton Baptist Church.


Union Cemetery - at night

The following photos were taken in early August, 2009. The night was clear with a full moon. "Orbs" appeared in the cemetery and on the street that runs behind it. All photos were taken with a digital camera, using a flash.

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Union Cemetery at night

This photo clearly shows an "orb" towards the top of the photo, closer to the right side.

The cemetery gate is in the foreground, and some stones are visible beyond it.

Union at night space saver Union at night

A large "orb" can be seen in the first photo, in the upper right corner. Smaller "orbs" are visible toward the upper middle and mid-right of the photo.

Lots of small "orbs" appear in the second photo. (The red lights on the right side of the photo are a car's brake lights.)

Union ghost space saver Union ghost

My creepiest photo. An unexplained, very bright light in the distance, hovering over some tombstones.

It is not a light from a house, car or any type of device (such as a flashlight, cell phone, etc).

When the light is enlarged (second photo), it resembles an upside-down, angry face with old-fashioned collar.

All photos copyright by the author, 2009. Not to be used or reproduced without permission.

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