Mountain Grove

Bridgeport, Connecticut

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Chatfield space saver Chatfield

FRONT: "Lieut. Chatfield.

Killed Feb. 5, 1865.

Aged 21 years 6 months.


REAR: "Henry Whitney Chatfield Adjt. 17th Reg. Conn. Vol.

Son of Henry W. and Susan M. Chatfield

Born Aug. 2, 1843.

Killed by guerillas at Volusia, Florida.



"F. T. B. Nov. 5, 1873."

Frederick Tomlinson Blakeman, son of Birdseye & Anna M. T. Blakeman.

Age 23 years.

Harral space saver Harral

"Harral" - this monument is huge, on a hill, and astonishing.

It is to the left of the Wordin Monument (photo posted further on).

Parrott space saver Parrott, detail


Plot of Henry Remer Parrott (1829 - 1919) and extended family.


"William Elliott Baillie his wife Gertrude Maria Sterling"

Jennings space saver Jennings

The Jennings stag.

Fred (1880 - 1902), Mother (1820 - 1884) and Teresa George (no dates).


There are several decorated Celtic crosses in Mountain Grove.

This monument is for the Edwards family:

Cornelia Clark (Aug. 21, 1882 - Dec. 7, 1949;

George Holmes (Feb. 26, 1881 - Dec. 26, 1967);

Ardelia Esther (May 6, 1848 - Nov. 2, 1916);

George Clarke (June 29, 1846 - Sept. 23, 1919).


"62nd Regiment N. Y. V.

Major Wilson Hubbell

Born April 21, 1821

Died at Cold Harbor, VA.

June 3, 1864.

He entered the service of his country April 1861,

was engaged at (?) battle in the Army of the Potomac

and was killed by a shell from the rebel lines;

while in the extreme front gallantly performing his duty.

He was a brave and accomplished officer and possessed the love,

respect and confidence of his men to an unusual degree."

Perry-Setzer space saver Perry-Setzer


A flat stone in front of the monument states,

"Perry Setzer / July 5, 1882 / Jan. 31, 1892"

Richardson space saver Perry

"Richardson" and "W. H. Perry"


"George H. Lounsbery

was killed at Vicksburg, July 15, 1862,

Ae. 27 yrs.

He was an Officer on board

the U.S. Flag Ship Hartford

commanded by Admiral Farragut

and fell with his face to the Enemy

in defence of his Country."

Sanford space saver Sanford, detail space saver Sanford

Two memorials for "Sanford."


"Our loved one.

Allie, son of Alfred and Eunice A. Hopkins

Died July 12th 1872,

Aged 10 years, 3 months & 22 days

Yet thou art gone our hearts (?)

our boy so fond and dear."

Wheeler space saver Wheeler

The Wheelers: George E. (1882 - 1935), Mary E. (1848 - 1920), Elbridge E. (1846 - 1929) & Emma Wheeler Beers (1872 - 1952).

"Until the day break and the shadows flee away," from Song of Solomon 2:17 or 4:6,

depending on which interpretation you prefer.

You can see the Warner memorial on the hill behind it.


"Wordin" - this monument is on a hill and huge.

It is to the right of the Harral monument (photos posted previously).

Notice the gentlemen in Roman (Greek?) attire at the summit of the pillar.

The back of the memorial says,

"In te, Domine, speravi." (Translates as "In thee, O Lord, did I hope.")

Walker space saver Walker

"Walker MCMXXVIII" (1928);

the stained glass art at the back of the mausoleum.

The trees behind me reflected in the window.

Orelup space saver Orelup

Milton L. Orelup, 1914 - 1999.

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