Upper White Hills Cemetery

Shelton, Connecticut

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Upper White Hills

Upper White Hills Cemetery is located on School Street in the White Hills section of Shelton, Connecticut. It is adjacent to the White Hills Baptist Church, which was established in 1839. (The church closed for regular services in 1916.) Upper White Hills is an extremely small cemetery, populated mostly by members of the Hubbell family, with most graves dating to the mid- and later 1800s.

Photos were taken 29 July 2013.

White Hills Baptist Church

A view of the cemetery and White Hills Baptist Church.

Francis Hubbell space saver Francis Hubbell

"Francis B. Hubbell

Born Mar. 27, 1814

Died Nov. 29, 1890

AE 76 years."

Lucius Hubbell space saver Lucius Hubbell

"In Memory of Lucius Hubbell,

Who became a distinguished stone-mason,

As this monument will attest.

Erected with his own hands and finished

in the fifieth year of his age.

Died Dec. 28, 1874, AE 68"

"In hope and faith we trust he died,

This tomb cannot his spirit hide.

A brighter column in the skies,

We trust will to his memory rise."

Frederick Gould

Possibly the oldest stone still standing in Upper White Hills.

"Frederick Gould

died Aug. 16, 1846

aged 15 mo's.

Child of Henry L. &

Cornelia M. Downs."

White Hills Baptist Church


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