Trumbull Burial Ground

(Unity Cemetery)

Trumbull, Connecticut

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Trumbull Burial Ground, also known as Unity Cemetery, is located on Unity Road in Trumbull, Connecticut, just down the street from Nichols Farms Burial Ground (1806). It was established in 1730 and you can still find that many stones date back to the 1740s. The inscriptions still employ the Old English spellings, and many refer to Trumbull as "North Stratford." There are quite a few members of the Beach, Booth, Hawley and Nichols families interred within, as well as several Revolutionary War veterans.

Photos taken 23 October 2008 and 2 July 2010.

Trumbull Burial Ground

A view of Trumbull Burial Ground, from the front right corner

Nichols space saver Hawley

Two of the oldest stones that I came across. Many of the older ones have disintegrated to nubs.

"Here lyes Buried ye Body of

Capt. JOSEPH NICHOLS, who Departed this Life

Sep.t ye 17th Anno Dom 1742 in ye

59th Year of his Age."

"Here lyes ye body of Mr. ABRAHAM HAWLEY;

Who Died April ye 10th AD 1743.

in ye 24th Year of his Age"


"Deac'n THOMAS PEET of North Stratford

The Kings Postrider for 32 Years

who departed this life on ye (the) 12th AD 1760

in the 63rd Year of His Age."


"Here lyes Buried the Body of


Merchant of North Stratford;

Who departed this Life Decem.r ye 2 1767

in ye 30th Year of his Age."


"This monument was erected by the Church & Society of NORTH STRATFORD,

out of respect to the memory of the Rev'd JAMES BEEBEE, A.M.

who departed this life Septem'r 8th 1785 in the 68th year of his age.

He was ordained to the work of the Ministry over said Church and Society May 6, 1747.

And continued therein a faithful Pastor 38 years.

Original stone replaced by Trumbull Cong. Church & Society August 25, 1939"


"In memory of Mr. ABEL BEACH who died Nov.r 8th 1800 in the 57th year of his age.

Reader behold as you pass by

As you are now so once was I

As I am now so you must be

Prepare for Death and follow me."


"MARSHALL P. BOOTH Died Sept. 24, 1850 Ae 30 y'rs (illegible inscription)"

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