Redding Center Cemetery

Redding, Connecticut

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Redding Center

Redding Center Cemeterey is located on Cross Highway in Redding, Connecticut. It is a fairly unremarkable, most likely a family cemetery, with the majority of the stones dating from the 1800s. A few Revolutionary War soldiers are interred here.

Photos were taken 1 August 2014.

White Hills Baptist Church

A view of the older section of Redding Center.

Col. John Read space saver Sarah Read

"In Memory of COL. JOHN READ

who departed this life

Oct. 30, 1786

AE. 85 years."

"Here lies the Body of

SARAH, the Wife of Col.n JOHN READ,

who died May 18th AD 1774;

Aged 47 years."

Capt. Zalmon Read

Captain Zalmon Read

Ensign Zalmon Read

Ensign Zalmon Read

Hester Ann Hill

"In memory of Hester Ann

wife of John L. Hill

who died Dec. 18, 1838

Aged 19 years

5 mo. & 25 dy."

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