Old Burying Ground

Fairfield, Connecticut

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Old Burying Ground gates

Old Burying Ground is located on Beach Road in Fairfield, Connecticut. Interments date from the early/mid 1700s through the 1800s. Old Burying Ground is the final resting place for a number of sea captains, sailors, and their families. Congressman Jonathan Sturges (1740-1819) is buried here, as is Lydia Henchman Hancock, aunt of John Hancock. There are special monuments to Andrew Ward, Reverend John Jones, and Thomas Sherwood ("Soldier of the Pequot War"). According to a sign posted directly outside the cemetery (below), the British marched here in 1779 and burned the town of Fairfield.

Photos were taken 17 March 2009 and 11 February 2012.


"Up this road 2600 British marched July 7th, 1779

under command of General Tyron and burned Fairfield."


Plaque embedded into the stone wall of the cememtery, to the right of the entry gates.

"1775 - 1783

In lasting memory of the patriots and soldiers of Fairfield

who served in the war of the American Revolution.

Erected by the Eunice Dennie Burr chapter

Daughters of the American Revolution.

A.D. 1904"


Nathan Gold, who served as Connecticut's Deputy Governor and as a Justice on the state Supreme Court in 1712.

"Here Lyes ye Body of the

Honourable Nathan Gold Esq.

Lieu. Governour of His Majesties Colony of Connecticut

dec'd Dec. 3d 1723 Aged 60"


A pair of table tombs. The one on the left reads,

"Here lyes Interr'd ye (the) Body

of Mrs. Eunice Dennie wife of Mr. James Dennie who Dec'd

Oct'r ye (the) 16th 1740 in

the 32nd year of her Age".

The stone on the right states,

"Here lyes Interr'd ye (the) Body

of Mr. James Dennie

Husband of Mrs. Eunice Dennie

and Father of Mrs. Eunice Dennie Burr

who Dec'd about 1784".


Lydia Henchman Hancock was the aunt of John Hancock, who was President of the Continental Congress,

Governor of Massachusetts, and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.


to the memory of their dear friend Mrs. LYDIA HANCOCK

Relict of the Hon.ble THOMAS HANCOCK, Esq.r


Whose Remains lie here Interred

Having retired to this Town from the calamities of War during the

Blockade of her native City in 1775.

Just on her return to the reenjoyment of an ample fortune

On April 15, A.D. 1776. She was seized with the apoplexy and

closed a life of unaffected Piety Universal Benevolence and extensive Charity.

Aged 63."


A family unlucky at sea:

"This Stone is Erected by JASON GOULD

in memory of his honored Father

Col. ABRAHAM GOULD who fell in defence of his country

at RIDGEFIELD April 27th 1777 aged 44 years

And of his deceased Brothers JOHN BURR GOULD died at Sea June 2d 1784 aged 20 years

HEZEKIAH GOULD drowned at NEW YORK Oct. 30th 1789 aged 30 years

and DANIEL GOULD drowned on the coast of FRANCE Dec. 28 1796(?) aged 20 years"


"In Memory of


who departed this life

27th May 1801.

Aged 86 Years.

Praises on tombstones are but vainly spent,

Assured life to come is our best Monument."


Reverend Andrew Eliot, flanked by his daughter, Sarah (who died at age 12) and his wife, Mary.

Eliot's stone reads,

"Rev. Andrew Eliot born in Boston Jan. 11, 1743.

Ordained pastor of First Church of Christ in Fairfield June 22, 1774

in which station he served God until September 26, 1805

when he rested from his labors in

the 63rd year of his age and 32d of his ministry".

Capt. Smith

"In memory of Capt. Christopher Smith aged 40 years;

a native of Hanson Massachusetts, who was lost

from on board the sloop Eliza Nichols on her passage from

New Bedford to New York on the 4 of Jan. AD. 1823"


"In memory of Thomas Sherwood 1586 - 1655

Puritan - Pioneer - Ancestor

A founder of New England

A first settler of Fairfield

Deputy to the General Court


Soldier of the Pequot War

And his wives

Alice Seabrooke 1587 - 1639

Mary Fitch 1619 - 1693

Erected by the Sherwood Kindred of America MCML"

Jones space saver Jones

The Rev.d John Jones was born in

Northampton England in 1593 and was a

graduate of Queen's College Cambridge


A Puritan divine of the Church of England

he was the first pastor of the Church of Christ in Fairfield

which he faithfully served from 1644 until his death in 1664


"A valliant leader of Christ's souldiers

A holy man of God"

Erected by a Descendant


"In memory of Andrew Ward

Born in England 1597

One of the founders of Wethersfield and Stamford.


An honored citizen of Fairfield, Conn. where he died in 1659.


Member of a commission graunted to sev'al p'sons

to governe the people att Conecticott

by the general court of Massachusetts Bay under

John Winthrop Jr. Governor, 1635 - 1636.


Erected by the Association of Descendants of Andrew Ward 1907"

Old Burying Ground

A view of the Old Burying Ground, facing the right (and more densely populated) side of the cemetery.

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