Newtown Village Cemetery

Newtown, Connecticut

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Newtwon Village Cemetery

Newtown Village Cemetery is a 100-acre cemetery located on Elm Drive in Newtown, Connecticut. The cemetery was founded in 1860 but burials date to the 1760s and it is still in use. It is a rather unremarkable cemetery, without any outstanding memorials and no notable burials.

Photos were taken 5 August 2014.

Abigail Blackman space saver Abiel Botsford

Abigail Blackman, died March 27th, 1762, aged 70 years.

Abiel Botsford, died December 6th, 1773, aged 40 years.

Ben Matthews

Civil War veteran, Benjamin W. Matthews.

Hawley Memorial space saver Hawley Memorial stained glass

The Hawley Memorial,

gift of Mary Elizabeth Hawley in memory of

her parents Marcus Clinton Hawley and

Sarah Booth Hawley,

erected 1924.

View, Newtown Village Cemetery

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