Hopewell Burying Ground

(Ferry Cemetery)

Redding, Connecticut

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Hopewell Burying Ground

Hopewell Burying Ground (also known as Ferry Cemetery) is a small cemetery located on Poverty Hollow Road in Redding, Connecticut, a few feet shy of the Newtown town line. Only 12 people are known to be interred there; it was most likely a family burial ground. According to information on Find A Grave, the cemetery was vandalized; only two markers remain intact. Also according to Find A Grave, the main memorial, which lists the names of those interred there, records a number of Perrys, when the correct surname should be Ferry.

Photos taken 11 March 2010.

main memorial

The memorial lists the names of those interred at Hopewell (surname first), with ages and years of death.

As listed on the memorial:

Perry Caroline 76 1884

Perry Milo 81 1865

Perry Holson 25 1859

Perry Caroline 9 1857

Perry Catherine 20 1864

Perry Augustus 80 1920

Perry Starr 38 1875

Lyon Eunice 64 1852

Lyon Henry 87 1873

Godfrey Nancy 45 1858

Dikeman Sarah 9 1849

Dikeman William 45 1851

William Dikeman

The marker for "SW" (?) and William Dikeman, the only two stones still in tact.

"William Dikeman. Died April 30, 1851. Ae. 45."

Henry Lyon

Henry Lyon. Died Dec. 30, 1873, age 87 years, 1 month & 11 days.


A grouping of deteriorated markers.

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