East Village Cemetery

Monroe, Connecticut

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East Village sign

East Village Cemetery is located on East Village Road in Monroe, Connecticut. The cemetery was established in 1766 and many of the names contained therein reflect place names of local areas. There is a contained family plot and other stones for Shelton (Monroe's neighboring town), and Nichols (an area of another neighboring town, Trumbull) and Botsford (a section of Monroe near Newtown) are also present. There are also several graves with GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) markers. This was a political organization formed by former Union soldiers after the Civil War.

Photos were taken 12 December 2008 and 29 April 2010.

East Village

A view of East Village.


This monument rests in the center of the cemetery.

It lists a family history of "Rev. Peter Bulkley B.D.

Tenth in descent from Robert of the English barons of Runnymede of 1216 A.D.

came to New England in 1635. Founded Concord, Mass., established the first church,

and died there March 9, 1659..." A close up is pictured below.



One of the oldest (if not the oldest) stones in East Village.

"In memory of John Moss Curtis

son to Elijah & Jane Curtis

who died March 30th

AD 1777 in the..."

(The remainder of the inscription has sunken into the earth.)


David (d. 25 April 1795, age 49) and Mary (d. 6 Oct. 1799, age 40) Blackman.

"They were boath Snatched from there growing offspring before

they were eather of them settled in the world, or even the youngest could

reallise that they ever had a father, the widow remained with her children

a few years but soon a disease Seized her that mocked the power of medicine."


"This Monument is Sacred to the Memory of Mr. DAVID BRINMADE WILCOCKSON

A Masonic Brother who unfortunately Drowned Nov.r 29th 1801

in the 26th year of his age. he was graduateed at yale College in the year 1788.

he possessed while Living every virtue to make Life happy and

talents to make it agreable. by his Death his Relatives acquaintance

& Society Sustains a real Loss."


"In memory of William Tucker

who was stabed by his nearest neighbor,

Sept. 30, 1845 & Died Oct. 4 AE. 56."

(Tucker was stabbed to death by his neighbor, Foster Marsh Cargill.)

space saver


"Father and Mother

Amaziah B. Downs

Died at Salisbury, North Carolina

Dec. 18, 1864.

Ae 43 Y'rs.

Catharine J. Downs

his wife

Died Mar. 24, 1875.

Ae 56 Y'rs."

There is a GAR plaque, post 26.


The name on the stone is illegible but I thought the scroll design was unusual.

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