Daniels Farm Burial Ground

Trumbull, Connecticut

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Daniels Farm Burial Ground was established in 1833. You have to cross a rather large lawn to approach the cemetery which is enclosed by stone walls. There is also a closed wrought iron gate. I'm guessing it was once a family burial lot; there are quite a few stones for members of the Bennett, Hurd, and Lewis families. The stones date from the 1830s to 1899.

Photos were taken 10 November 2008 and 19 July 2010.

Daniels Farm space saver Daniels Farm

Two views of the burial ground; one from the street (taken in the autumn), another at the gate (in summer).


William M. Lewis, died Nov. 26, 1854, age 16.


"NANCY wife of Charles Lewis

DIED Oct. 5, 1842 AE 51."


"SALLY, widow of Capt. Cyrus Brinsmade.

Died Sept. 5, 1855, AE 80.

Beneath this stone deaths prisoner dies.

The stone shall move, the prisoner rise,

When Jesus with almighty word

Calls his dead sainnts to meet the Lord."


A visitor to Elizabeth Bennett (daughter of Benjamin & Betsey; date of death obscured).

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