Christ Church Cemetery

Redding, Connecticut

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Christ Church cemetery

Christ Church is an Episcopalian congregation in Redding, Connecticut established in the 1720s. The church and adjacent burial ground are located at the intersections of Black Rock Turnpike (Route 58), Cross Highway and Church Hill Road. The oldest stones in the cemetery date to the 1750s - some of the oldest surviving in the area. Several Revolutionary War veterans are interred here.

Photos were taken 20 March 2014.

Christ Church

A view of the cemetery and Christ Church.

Nathan Lyon

"Here lyes ye Remains of


Who finished a Course of Virtue & Piety, &

exchanged this Life for Immmortality, ye 21st 1757 in ye 54th Year of His Age."

Daniel Meeker

"The Remains of Mr.


Who exchanged this Life for Immortality

July 19th 1760

in ye 22d Year of His Age."

Stephen Betts

"Revolutionary War

Stephen Betts

Capt. Morehouse's Co.

Died Jan. 24, 1826

AE. 76"

William Heron space saver Mary Heron

"In Memory of


who was born in the

city of Cork, Ireland

1742 and died Jan. 8, 1819."

"In Memory of


widow of the late

William Heron Esq.

who died

July 16, 1819

AEt. 74."

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