Aspetuck / Center Street Cemeteries

Easton, Connecticut

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Center Street sign space saver Aspetuck sign

Aspetuck / Center Street Cemeteries are both located at 376 Black Rock Turnpike (Route 58) in Easton, Connecticut, across the street from Gilbertown Cemetery. Aspetuck Cemetery was dedicated in 1891 and incorporated in 1932. Center Street Cemetery, at the same address, dates from around 1860. It is named for the road it was originally situated on, which was relocated upon the building of a reservoir. Several veterans are interred in the cemeteries, along with an unusually high number of firefighters. Brian Logan, a descendant of several people interred in Aspetuck, explained that deacades ago, in a small town like Easton, almost everyone was a volunteer firefighter. Also, with the absence of clubs or restaurants for socializing, the firehouse served as a center for social life. (Thanks, Brian.)

Photos were taken 12 November 2008 and 13 July 2010.


Entrance to Center Street Cemetery (left side) and Aspetuck Cemetery (right side).

Center Street and Aspetuck are home to many veterans, including: place holder

Charles L. Booth, Civil War, "Co. A, 17th C. Vol. Died Dec. 19, 1928 Ae 92."

Marquis L. Metcalf, Civil War, "Co G, 8th VT V.I. Died Feb. 20, 1931 Ae. 82."

Elihu S. Hawkins. Civil War, "Co. K 17th Regt. Conn. Vols. Died Jan. 4, 1888."

Civil War veteran, Seth Robertson, "A member of Co. 1 9th Conn. Regt. Died at Vicksburgh July 9, 1862. Ae. 37 y'rs."

Milton C. Taylor, Civil War, "Co. D. 17. Inf. Conn. Vols. Died June 17, 1909 Ae. 74."

World War I veteran, William O'Donnell, "Corpl. 163rd Inf. 41 Div. November 15, 1927"

Charles H. Logan, Sr., World War I, "HQ. Det., 41st Arty., C.A.C. Died Aug. 1, 1962 Age 65"

John E. Logan (brother to Charles, above). ""World War I 467th Aero Sq. Died Aug. 25, 1963 Age 69"


A view of Center Street Cemetery; it is currently being restored.



Rachel L. wife of

Charles S. Banks

Born Oct. 3, 1864,

died May 27, 1904."

You can still discern the engraving of stars above the statement,

"At Rest", floating above heavenly gates.


"Daniel P. Parrack, born Jan. 10, 1821, died Aug. 7, 1906."

The reverse of the stone reads,

"Eliza B. Grofut, wife of Daniel P. Parrack, born July 19, 1822, died March 1, 1898."


Phebe M. Dayton (wife of Seth Hill, M.D) keeps it simple:

"Good Night."

No dates are listed on the stone.

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